Wedding Q & A – Can You Bring a Guest to a Wedding If the Invitation Did Not Specify and Just Said "We Request the Honor of Your Presence"?

Q. – Can you bring a guest if the wedding invitation did not specify and just said “we request the honor of your presence”?

A. – “We Request the Honor of Your Presence” indicates what is being done – you (singular and plural) are being invited. The “you” is not the specific indication of who is being invited. That is done by the name(s) listed on the inner envelope.

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Whose name (or names) is on the inner envelope? This is where you will see who is being invited, and if a +1 has been extended.

  • If it’s just your name, than no, it is not acceptable to bring a guest.
  • If the envelope indicates another person’s name as well as yours, than you may bring that other person, and only that other person (if said other person cannot attend, you may not “swap out” your +1 and bring someone else).
  • If the envelope indicates “and guest” or some other similar type wording, then you may bring one other person of your choosing.

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