Wedding Q & A – Are Thigh High Boots Acceptable With a Wedding Dress?






Q. – Are thigh high boots acceptable with a wedding dress?

A. – Since I’m not a wearer of thigh high boots myself, the first thing to pop into my mind is “how comfortable would thigh high boots be underneath a wedding dress?” Thigh high boots (from what I’ve read) seem to work better if the hemline is knee length or shorter.

But, bottom line – it’s her day, and the bride can wear whatever she wants.

I have had brides wear a variety of styles of footwear underneath their wedding dress – including gladiator sandals, wedge heels, stilettos, and even combat boots.

If she is comfortable while wearing thigh high boots, and really wants to wear them on her wedding day – she can wear them. I suggest that she bring an extra pair of shoes (flats or lower heeled) just in case she’ll want to change into something simpler later.

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