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Q. – What’s so difficult about planning a wedding? It seems like a simple celebration with family, and throwing a party shouldn’t be hard, but in execution, this doesn’t seem to be an easy task. Why is that?

A. – Yes, you’re “throwing a party,” but a wedding is so much more than that.

First off, a wedding is a 2-part event, a ceremony and a reception (not just a party).

The ceremony is a rite of passage. Yeah, a big deal. So special attention is needed to give it the honor and respect it deserves.

Your wedding ceremony, particularly your vows, is your declaration of your commitment to each other, a “verbal contract” if you will.

Will you have readings? Do you want special music played during the ceremony itself? Are you wanting to get your guests emotionally involved in the ceremony (and not just be passive spectators)?

Also, not only will you be picking out a special venue for both the ceremony and reception that is suitable to the style of event you want, all of the other details are typically looked at and decided upon with more scrutiny, including the menu, beverages, décor (centerpieces, linens, lighting, etc.), entertainment.

Even though the reception is the “party” part, it’s not just any old party (regardless if your wedding will be formal or casual), so there will be a lot of “moving parts.”










    • The day will be documented (you’ll have a photographer and possibly a videographer).
    • You and your fiancé will get special attire.
    • You’ll be inviting lots of people, so you need to make them aware of what type of event to expect (Formal at a country club? Casual in the backyard? Something else?), so you’ll want invitations that reflect your event.
    • Maybe you want your first dance to be especially memorable, so dance lessons may be in order.
    • And so much more.


Yes, the devil is in the details. And planning a wedding includes A LOT of details.

Difficult? Doesn’t have to be.

Time and effort (and love)? Absolutely!

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