Wedding Planning Q & A – I’m Vegan and Really Don’t Want Meat at My Wedding

vegetarian hamburger with soy sprout radish and salad
Vegetarian Burger
Q. – I’m a vegan. I really don’t want to serve meat or other animal products at my wedding. Am I expected to?

A. – No you do not have to serve animal products. It’s your wedding and you can serve (or not serve) whatever you choose. If you want to have a vegan wedding menu, go right ahead.

Your wedding reception is to celebrate your brand new marriage, and create a wedding day that represents you and your fiancé. The choices you make – flowers, music, food, etc. – will reflect the two of you. So naturally, if your personal dietary choices lean towards or away from something specific, it is absolutely ok for you to include those choices in your wedding day meal.

mexican vegan vegetable pilaf with haricot beans and pumpkin
Mexican Vegan Vegetable Pilaf

You are not “making a statement” or trying to convert anyone. Instead you are staying true to yourself by following this dietary choice.

A good caterer will be able to create for you a delicious, flavorful vegan wedding menu that will keep your guests tummys happy, yet follow your daily dietary guidelines.

salad with tofu tomatoes arugula and sesame seeds
Tomato, Tofu, and Arugula Salad

Not your everyday . . . Food

We all know the importance food plays in any get-together. As long as you serve good food, your guests will survive. Pick foods that are colorful and full of flavor and you will have a big hit. Ok, at first some of your guests may wonder what’s on their plates, but since your caterer has whipped up something that smells amazing, and tastes great, their focus on the food will soon be back where it should be, (Mmmmm, this is good!)

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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8 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Q & A – I’m Vegan and Really Don’t Want Meat at My Wedding

  1. This is a great way to look at things – after all it’s your special day so you should have the things you like on your own wedding.

  2. yessss! i love when couples make sure their wedding reflects who THEY are, and adhering to their ethical beliefs when it comes to diet is one way to do just that. great advice!

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