Creative Ways and Tips to Announce Your Wedding Engagement

HRH Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle have announced their engagement — congratulations to them both! Their announcement was, of course, met with fanfare in Britain and in the U.S., and in a fair few other countries too.

Now, your engagement might not be met with as much fanfare, but it will be just as important. Because your engagement is important, you have to announce it in the proper way. And you can get creative with the way you announce it too! For advice on how to do all of this, make sure to read on.

The Proper Ways To Announce An Engagement
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Follow Engagement Announcement Etiquette

Before you even begin to consider how you’re going to announce your engagement, you’re going to need to follow some basic announcement etiquette.

The biggest rule when it comes to following this etiquette is making sure that everybody of importance in your life finds out in person and directly from you. You don’t want your mother finding out you’ve popped the question, or had the question popped to you, via word of mouth or by seeing it online, do you? And, speaking of parents, another big rule in engagement announcement etiquette is to ensure that the bride-to-be’s parents are the first to find out.

Go Public With The Announcement

Once all the important people are told of the engagement, then it’s time to go public with the announcement. Now, this is where you can have some fun when it comes to your announcing your engagement and can be as creative as you like.

You could opt for an uncreative and relatively lowkey announcement, such as announcing it via your social media outlets. Or, you could go really public with your engagement and have it be published in your local newspaper. To do this, you’ll need to contact the newspaper of your choice to check out and understand their policy and requirements for such announcements. Then send in a photo and some details about yourself and your fiancé. Make sure you buy the newspaper on the day of printing!

Or, you can go the old school route and have your wedding invitations created by a bespoke stationery producer, such as Paper Themes, and let them act as your announcement.

You can get a bit more creative than merely having the words ‘we’re getting married’ posted somewhere. For instance, you could have the message delivered via your pet – this involves hanging a sign around their neck (that’s not heavy and won’t hurt them, of course) that reads something along the lines of: ‘my humans are getting married’. Or you could have it printed onto a mug, then let people who visit your home to drink out of it.

Now you could go really extreme and get matching tattoos with your fiancé, and then reveal them at the same time to those who you want to announce the good news to. Okay, that last one might be a bit too creative, but the point is there are plenty of fun ways to announce an engagement if merely telling people of your good news does not seem good enough for you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go OTT

But, saying that the tattoo idea might be a bit too creative and over the top isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because during the time of your engagement right up until your wedding, you’re allowed to be as OTT as you like. In fact, it is one of the only times in life you will be allowed the luxury to do so without getting on people’s nerves. Besides, getting engaged is a huge life milestone, so you have every right to go a bit OTT with the way you announce it, if this is something you feel comfortable doing!

Your engagement announcement is just as special as His Royal Highness’s and Ms. Markle’s, no matter how uncommercial yours might be when compared to theirs. And you can make your announcement just as memorable to those who really count, your family and friends, by taking the engagement announcement advice found above.

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