5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Live On

You’ll have spent a lot of time and hard work making sure your wedding day is absolutely perfect, (well, at least as perfect as humanly possible). So isn’t it a shame that your wedding only lasts one day?

Making your wedding “day” span more than one day, just to make it last obviously isn’t realistic. But the next best thing is to have plenty of reminders located around your home to help you enjoy the day again and again.

Below, we take a look at a few easy to do ideas that’ll ensure your magical day is never too far from your thoughts.

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1) From The Guests
It’s true that it’s your love that makes the wedding, but let’s be real here: a wedding isn’t anything without the guests!

Your friends and family turned out to make your day extra loving, so why not carry a piece of them back home with you? Of course you can have a guest book available to sign at your wedding, but why not take this a step further and have a book where they can write messages and “wedding words of wisdom” instead of just their name?

There are other guest book alternatives. If you’re artistically minded, have your guests mark their fingerprint on paper with paint; later, you can create a simple but elegant collage to hang on your wall. If you have a theme to your wedding you can also have them sign something that follows your theme, such as a vinyl record or pretty wine bottle.

2) The Photo Album
Of course, your wedding is going to live on – in the form of all the lovely photos that were taken on the day! However, how often you look at them will depend on what you do with the photos.

Instead of keeping them tucked away on a hard to reach digital folder, or a drawer somewhere, use Moments Designer to easily (and inexpensively) create a photo album. You’ll have a professional looking layout, in which your photos will naturally flow into one another, which will really help to bring them to life. And what’s more – the finished product will be in your hands, not tucked away, rarely to be seen.

3) From the Dance Floor
Everyone knows that one of the best aspects of the wedding day is the dance floor shenanigans! We all remember fondly those crazy moves that our parents busted out, but like every other memory, it’ll eventually fade.

But what if it never has to fade? If you have a GoPro or other camera available, whip it out on the dance floor and hand it around. At the end of the night, you’ll have hours of footage – and then you can get to editing it, to make everyone look a bit more smooth on the dance floor than they really are.

4) Preserved in Time
All those cute little decorations and loving notes don’t have to be consigned to the trash. Instead, place them all in a “time capsule”, a simple trinket box that will take up next to no space in your home. When you’re feeling nostalgic for the good times of your wedding, simply get out the box and rifle through all those lovely memories.

5) Music Playlist
Finally, don’t forget your wedding day music playlist!

Make a list of the songs that were played at your wedding. Get a wonderful sampling of the songs that were played (including your “special moment” songs), and load them into Spotify. You’ll be transported back in time every time you hit the play button.

So while your wedding only lasts one day, with these tips you can easily revisit your wedding day.

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