Wedding Ideas – What’s New, Fun, and Gaining Popularity?

After seeing more “what’s the latest trend” articles, I wanted to see what wedding ideas new and popular in our area (Dayton, Ohio). And where best to find this out, but to go right to the source.

Thanks to some of our local wedding pros, here’s what’s new in their areas of expertise.

Textured Wedding Cakes

Textured wedding cakes are still quite popular, from structured art deco-ish designs to an icing with a rough finish.

Textured Wedding Cake
Textured Wedding Cake

Bobbi and Brittany with ele Cake Co. tells us that one of the more unexpected, yet popular wedding cake designs (and a unique texture) is their Geode Wedding Cake.

Geode Wedding Cake
Geode Wedding Cake

Elegant. Stunning. Simple. And totally gorgeous!

Geode wedding cakes look like the real thing, but are completely edible, made from rock candy and granulated sugar.

Slow-Motion Video Booths

Photo booths combine a fun activity with a nice take-home for wedding guests.

So, what’s better than a photo booth? A 240 frame per second HD Slow-Motion Video Booth, of course!

Mark’s Camera Bag’s Slo-Mo Video Booths are a big hit , with guests showing their best dance moves, tossing confetti, making outrageous faces, and overall, having an awesome fun time. A 40” monitor that sits outside the booth allows all of your guests to enjoy the live action.

Check it out here – ]

Yes, guests get a ‘take-home,’ receiving a download of their slow-mo session. And the happy couple get a final edited production of all sessions with special edits and music on DVD.

Thematic Elements in Unexpected Places

Themed weddings are still popular, with the theme commonly being expressed in the couples’ choice of color pallette, centerpieces, and menu choices.

But what about your ceremony?

Rev. Cindy Lee Carver embraces different wedding themes by donning coordinating attire – including Cosplay, Halloween, Steampunk, and recently Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.

Rev. Cindy Lee for Steampunk Wedding
Rev. Cindy Lee as Gandalf for Lord of the Rings Wedding

Besides the off-beat and themed weddings, she also specializes in officiating traditional, inter-faith, humanistic, alternative, non-traditional, and LGBTQ weddings.

Up In Lights

Sure, you can put your initials on top of your cake, and have your monogram projected on your dance floor or printed on your programs.

Why not put your initials up in lights – classic theater marquee letter lights?

Wedding marquee lights - L O V E

Event Lites specializes in these unique, four feet tall décor pieces – including numbers, letters, and some symbols.

Light up your night with your initials. Spell out Mr. & Mrs., Love, or even your names.

The possibilities are endless.

Perfect for helping you build the right environment and decor for your event. Use them for:

• A modern ceremony backdrop
• A fun, diy photo booth backdrop
• A cool prop for your engagement photos
• Reception décor

Looking for fun ideas for your wedding? Weddings From The Heart can help. Contact me today at or at 937-235-2586 or 937-581-3647!

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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The Truth About “Shoulds” and “Have-tos” When Planning Your Wedding

Don't Should Yourself - Shoulds and Have-tos in Weddings “Don’t ‘Should’ Yourself” ~ This quote by Evelyn Kalinosky is a wonderful life motto.

Although this was found in a list of several inspirational life quotes, it applies to weddings and wedding planning too.

Since most of you have never planned a wedding before, one thing that’s probably on the forefront of your mind is “What am I supposed to do.”

There has been so much written about planning a wedding, and what is supposed to be done (during the planning stage and on the wedding day itself) that it is too easy to get caught up in what “should” be done.

Well, as this fabulous quote states, “Don’t ‘should’ yourself.”

In fact, there are really only two things that “should” be done, 1) get a marriage license, and 2) make sure the person who is performing the ceremony can legally do so.

Everything else is optional.

Here are some “shoulds”and “have-tos,” and the real-life options some of my brides and grooms have done instead.

A wedding reception should have a cake.
Believe it or not, but not everyone likes cake. One couple served flan (their favorite dessert), and had an ice cream buffet instead of wedding cake – and their guests LOVED it.

Need vs Want: What Do You Need to Get Married?

Bridesmaids should carry bouquets.
The bride chose lovely satin clutches in her wedding colors for her ladies to carry. The clutches looked lovely with their dresses, and they had a keepsake they could use for years to come.

You have-to have an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen.
Life isn’t symmetrical! Several of my couples had uneven numbers in their bridal party. Think of it this way – a lucky lady gets to walk with two guys, or fella with two ladies.

The bride’s attendants should be female (or the groom’s attendants have to be male).
One of my bride’s best buddies was a man. He walked down the aisle in the processional and stood on her side during the ceremony.

You should choose ‘fall colors’ if your wedding is in September or October or ‘spring’ colors for a May wedding.
Sure, each season has it’s own unique color pallette, but you aren’t limited to those colors for your wedding. Pick colors that you like, and have meaning for you. Several of my brides have gone “non-seasonal” in their color schemes, including black with red and yellow accents for a May wedding, and light pink with white and dark pink accents for an October wedding.

For more inspirational life quotes, check out Inner Affluence by Evelyn Kalinosky.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding Day (That Are Also “Green”)

Many money saving tips for your wedding ceremony and reception are also “green.” Here are some easy ideas to save money on your wedding plans, and they’re good for the environment too!

Corner copy
Corner copy is your reception information that is literally printed in the corner (sometimes centered) at the bottom of your wedding invitation. By using corner copy you will save a significant amount of money. It costs about $10, regardless of quantity. Compare this to what you’d be paying for 100 or more Reception cards.

An added bonus is that since you’ll have less items going into your invitation suite, you may end up paying less for postage!

wedding invitation corner copy sample

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations & Other “Green” Tips

wedding invitation corner copy sample

Re-use your ceremony décor and bouquets
You’ve spend good money on something that otherwise will only be used for an hour or so. Get your moneys worth – reuse altar arrangements, pew décor and your bridesmaids’ bouquets as decorations for your reception.

Use non-florals
Candles in lanterns, individual tiers of wedding cake, bird cages for a garden wedding, seashells for a beach/seaside theme, branches, leaves or acorns for a fall wedding are all fun, budget-conscious décor ideas.

wedding cake centerpiece

Use individual potted plants
Group smaller ones together for centerpieces. Then at the end of the evening these can be sent home with guests as favors. Larger potted plants can be used as aisle décor for your ceremony or a pretty arrangement on the bar or escort card table. Send these home as a special “thank you” to someone who helped out on your wedding day. Since the plants can be taken home and replanted there is less waste – excellent for the environment.

Donate centerpieces and left over food
Check with a local nursing home or hospital. Some may welcome the donation of pretty flowers. Also, if your caterer allows leftover food to be taken off the premises, check with local groups to see who has a program for donating food to local shelters.

A special cake knife set or toasting glasses engraved with your names and wedding date are nice, personalized touches for your wedding. However, afterwards these types of items usually end up in the attic. Instead of purchasing something that will only be used once, borrow your keepsake items.

Wedding Gown
Borrow your wedding gown from a loved one or go to consignment shop or ebay to find your gown. If you purchase your wedding gown you can donate it or sell it on ebay afterwards.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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C is for Cupcakes

wedding cupcakesTo cupcake or not to cupcake.

Some couples want to serve a dessert other than a traditional wedding cake, but many people don’t feel that cupcakes are appropriate for a wedding. After all, they are more commonly associated with childrens treats than a bridal confection.

However, if you’re going to serve these versatile little cakes as your wedding day dessert here are a few tips to make them more “grown up.”

    • Skip the ho-hum cupcake liner and choose one in an amazing color and/or design to complement your wedding day.
    •  Instead of the simple chocolate and vanilla, experiment with different flavors. How about key lime pie, caramel apple or blueberry.

Top 7 Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Cake

    • But if you like chocolate and vanilla, go for an unexpected frosting flavor – maybe chocolate mocha, strawberry buttercream or dark chocolate ganache.
    • Make the presentation spectacular. As are wedding cakes, your cupcakes will be on display until they are to be served. Cupcake stands come in different shapes, sizes and styles. Make sure your baker actually uses a stand for cupcakes, not regular cakes. Although both make for a more dramatic presentation than just sitting all the cupcakes flat on the table, the proportions of a regular cake stand are too big, and there will be a lot of open “lost” space.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Looking for unique ideas for your wedding? Weddings From The Heart can help. Contact me today at or at 937-235-2586 or 937-581-3647!

Photo credit: © Janecat11 | Dreamstime