How to Have Happy Guests at Your Wedding

wedding guests entrance signYes, it’s true – there wouldn’t be a wedding without you, the bride and groom. And while I believe that you should make choices based on what you like (it is YOUR wedding after all), it’s also important to make choices that will appeal to your guests. It’s important to have happy wedding guests. If they’re comfortable and taken care of, they’ll have a more fun and memorable time.

You and your groom are the reason, the guests of honor, for your reception. However, you are also the hosts (and this has nothing to do with who’s paying). As the hosts, you have the responsibility to give a party your guests will remember fondly.

Over the years we have incorporated different ideas to help our brides and grooms plan weddings with their guests in mind. I’m delighted to share some of these ideas.

• When creating your gift registry, include items that fit into everyone’s budget. Choose some lower priced as well as some bigger ticket items. Some guests may go in together to purchase a higher priced item.

• Make it easy for guests to get to your wedding — you don’t want anyone getting lost. If possible, make transportation arrangements for guests who can’t or don’t want to drive. If that doesn’t fit your budget, designate a cousin to drive grandma and grandpa. At the very least, include a detailed set of directions and map.

Want Happy Wedding Guests? Here Are the Top 5 Things to Avoid.

• You want a yummy reception menu, and by all means, pick selections that you like. But remember that many foods are universally disliked — like hot chili peppers, liver, and Brussels sprouts. They may be your personal favorites, but you’ll most likely have a lot left over – meaning you’ve paid for food that was uneaten, and your guests will have hungry tummies.

• Guests should be able to comfortably converse with each other at their tables. While you want centerpieces that are lovely and unique and representative of you, they shouldn’t be so big that your guests can’t see across the table.

• Your guests should feel appreciated for coming to your wedding. The easiest way to do this is to personally greet every guest. Here are some ways to do this. Receiving lines guarantee face-to-face time with every guest, but are time consuming (and awkward as guests feel they have to make small-talk with everyone in your bridal party). Releasing your own guests after the ceremony recessional also guarantees face-to-face time, and is quicker than a receiving line. You can also mingle with guests at your reception. Whatever method you choose make an effort to say “hello, thanks for coming, I hope you have a good time.”

• Play a wide range of music. Mix your favorite Top 40 or club music with some “golden oldies” for your parents and their friends. Even if you want a particular music genre, you can still mix it up by playing some slower songs along with some faster ones.

• Seat your single friends with people (other singles AND couples) who share the same interests. A table of all singles just because they’re singles isn’t the best arrangement.

These tips are easy to do, take very little time, and doesn’t cost you any more. But it will mean a lot to your guests.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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