5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Bar

Bar at a Wedding Reception

Most brides and grooms want to have alcohol served at their wedding. A cocktail or glass of wine, or maybe a cup of your favorite draft beer adds to the celebratory vibe of the day. But having a bar at your wedding reception can be pricy. It’s not unusual for the bar tab to exceed the food bill.

Follow these tips so you can have a fabulous wedding AND save money at the same time

1. Instead of a champagne toast, have your guests drink whatever beverage they already have.

2. Provide beer and wine only instead of a full bar with hard liquor.

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Bar

3. If your venue permits, bring your own alcohol. Keep your eye open for sales or markdowns. Many places offer a 10% discount if alcohol is purchased by the case. Also ask about any return policies. Some places will allow you to return unopened bottles for full purchase price.

4. Tell the staff to ask before clearing any half-empty glasses.

5. Stretch what you’re serving. Serve sangria instead of simply a glass of wine. It’s festive, you’ll use less wine per glass, and can use a less expensive wine.

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