8 Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding Décor

If you need to save money on your wedding budget, your wedding décor is one of the first things couples think of. Here are 8 easy ways to cut costs, yet still have a gorgeous wedding.

1. Pick flowers that are available year-round. Not only are year-round blooms, such as roses, stock, & carnations more affordable, they also come in many different colors.

hydrangea centerpiece

2. “Something Borrowed” – borrow unique vases, bowls or pitchers. You’ll get a more personalized look, and save by not having to buy or rent vases.

3. Use bigger blooms. Larger flowers like hydrangea and peonies are money-saving since you’ll need less to make a beautiful arrangement.

simple floral centerpiece with pink peonies

3 Money Saving Tips Without Sacrificing Style for Your Wedding

4. “Go Green” – Save money by incorporating greenery into your arrangements. Eucalyptus, lemon leaf, or pittosporum are great fillers, and look great.

5. Have your arrangements do double duty. Reuse ceremony pew decor, altar arrangements and even your bouquets at the reception.

6. Instead of having a variety, only use one type of flower for all of your centerpieces. This allows your florist to buy in bulk, thereby saving you money in the end.

7. K.I.S.S. Choose simple arrangements such as a loose grouping of flowers, or just a few blooms in small bud vases instead of large labor-intensive, time-consuming centerpieces.

floral centerpiece in bud vases

8. Be open to the types of flowers used in your arrangements. Instead of insisting on a specific type of flower, tell your florist the colors and silhouette you want for your bouquet and arrangements and have him suggest budget-friendly options.

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