6 Reasons Why Your DIY Projects Aren’t Working Out

Popular reasons for doing DIY projects for your wedding include saving money and putting your personal stamp on things. Sometimes, however, DIY projects don’t always work out as envisioned. Here’s why:

1. It Takes More Time Than You Think
DIY projects can often take a very long time, they can be stressful, and sometimes they just don’t turn out as expected. Yes, it happens – typos on the programs, crooked printing when the invitations don’t go through the printer straight. So carefully and realistically budget your time before you DIY.

2. Not Skilled In That Type Of Craft
Ok, the directions look easy, but once you get going . . .

Bottom line – not everyone is dexterous enough to beautifully fold origami cranes.

origami cranes for a wedding ceremony backdrop

3. Not Enough Help
It’s a lot of work, and while it may be a priority to you, sitting down for several hours to do a project just doesn’t have the same level of importance, which means they won’t be expecting to have to help.

4. Disinterested (Turning Into Resentful) Help
It’s not that others don’t want you to be happy, or for you to have your unique wedding vision come true. But, like mentioned above, they don’t find it a priority. And we all know what happens when someone tackles a project that they really don’t want to do – it turns out badly, you get stressed and maybe even angry, and they feel resentment.

Anyway, is it fair to your bridesmaids to just expect them to jump right in and help you write out a hundred place cards or fold a thousand tissue paper flowers?

5. It’s Not Always Cheaper
Sure, DIY kits cost less money in the first place, but after figuring in materials, then the time needed to do the job right (researching how-tos, picking up supplies, practicing, picking up that other supply you forgot, messing up a few and having to go to the store again to pick up more materials), you might really be better off hiring a pro in the first place.

6. You Get Bit By The “Perfectionist Bug”
At first, you’re just wanting the project to look good, but once you actually get started you find yourself tweaking and adjusting, because “it’s my wedding and I want everything to be perfect!” Whoa. Relax and don’t put this type of stress on yourself (and those around you). Real life isn’t perfect.

Ok, I’m not saying that all DIY is bad. But, like everything else, you have to prioritize. How important really is each project to you? After all is said and done, will you look back and still see the glory in that particular project, or will you be wishing that you’d have spent your time on something else? If a project really matters to you, then do it.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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2 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Your DIY Projects Aren’t Working Out

  1. Jean, this is so true, and the “How I met your mother” clip – hilarious. My daughter's best friend and her did the best friends wedding DIY. They started collecting objects 18 months in advance. Then had to store it. Now, they both have all these decorations left over. Rental is the best way to go in my opinion and experience. -Just the Mom lol

  2. Note: The How I Met Your Mother clip is no longer available on YouTube. Too bad, it really did get the point across. ~ Jean

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