Bride & Groom Q & A – Goodie Bags for Guests

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Q – I have a lot of out-of-town guests coming for my wedding. We’d like to make up little goodie bags for them, but don’t want to be expensive. Any suggestions?

A – Hospitality bag for out-of-town guests are a wonderful idea to welcome your guests when you just don’t have the time to physically meet and greet them. Use colorful lunch sized bags (found at craft stores), or if you want to get creative, decorate some plain brown or white ones.

Some inexpensive, but fun ideas to include are:

  • Small bottles of lotion
  • Little soaps or candles
  • Snacks — dried fruits, nuts, chocolate — maybe made locally, or home-made
  • Tea bags or hot chocolate packs (hotels often have coffee pots & coffee but forget about us non-coffee drinkers)
  • A little welcome note written on the back of a local postcard

Secure the bag closed with ribbon (fold top over, punch a couple holes and tie ribbon through holes) or use a pretty sticker.

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Hearts, Joy, Love!

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