Avoid These Top 7 Wedding Music Mishaps for a Rockin’ Reception

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You’ve put a lot of time and effort into choosing your wedding songs for your reception. Wedding music mishaps can make your reception come to a screeching halt. Your wedding music is the soundtrack of your wedding day. Studies show that music greatly influences the success of the day. Regardless of the style and vibe you want for your reception, to keep your reception fun and rockin’ from start to finish, follow these easy tips:

Mistake #1
Not meeting your DJ until the day of your wedding

It’s important to know that your DJ is skilled and qualified, and understands what you want on your wedding day. Waiting until your wedding day is too late. Is there a personality match between you and the DJ? Does the DJ have the proper equipment to do a professional job? Is the DJ aware of your special song list, or other song requirements?

A face-to-face meeting before your wedding day is the only way to know for sure, and to avoid any problems that could otherwise come up.

You’ll also want to make sure that the DJ you are talking with will be the actual DJ performing at your reception. If you’re working with a DJ company that has several different DJs on staff (or sub-contracts it’s DJs) it is too easy to think you’re getting one DJ and then end up getting someone else.

Mistake #2
Having your DJ play only one type of music

You’ll have a wide range of age groups and musical tastes among your guests, so you’ll want to have a variety to keep everyone partying.

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Mistake #3
Picking too many songs

In reality, your DJ will play approximately 12 to 15 songs per hour. Since most receptions are 4-5 hours long, that’s about 60-75 songs. Also, give your DJ the freedom to take requests from your guests, and throw in other songs that will keep your guests on the dance floor and having a good time.

Mistake #4
Not making a Do-Not-Play list

At your reception you really won’t want to hear a song that reminds you of an ex, or is a genre or by an artist that you don’t like. So give your DJ a heads up about any songs, artists, or genres that you don’t want to played at your wedding.

Mistake #5
Playing the R-Rated versions

Do you really want to subject your guests (particularly small children or your grandma) to profane and provocative lyrics? (Yes, they will notice!)

Be conscious of your song choices. If there is a song you love, and really want played at your reception (but you know it contains some naughty words) ask your DJ if a more appropriate version is available. Many songs come in PG versions.

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Mistake #6
Having the wrong size dance floor

I feel like Goldilocks, but . . .

You don’t want a dance floor that’s too big. If it seems ginormous, it will appear that your guests aren’t enjoying themselves (even if most of them are dancing away).

You also don’t want a dance floor that’s too small, as it will be congested, your guests will be uncomfortable, and it will discourage them from dancing.

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For a dance floor that’s just right, follow this easy rule of thumb: There should be 3-4 square feet of dance floor per person. Keep in mind that typically only about 40% of your guests will be dancing at one time, so you really won’t need one so large as to accommodate everyone at once.

Mistake #7
Not checking on local sound ordinance laws

This usually isn’t as important if your reception will be in an indoor venue that regularly has receptions and parties, but absolutely necessary if your reception will be outdoors, in a tent, or at home in a backyard.

Check with your local city hall or police department to see what the rules are for sound levels and end-time restrictions. The last thing you want is for the police show up and your party coming to a crashing halt.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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