Entrance Wedding Music; 3 Places For Inspiration by Kristi Richardson / Bloomed to Last

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Today’s blog is from a wonderful vendor and amazing DJ, Craig Noto of Firedog Entertainment. Craig is going to tackle the question, “What is the best song for my wedding entrance?” Here is his amazing advice.

My answer to this question time and time again is to tell my clients that there is no “best” song if it is not reflective of you as a couple. If you want to walk to the traditional bridal march of “Here Comes the Bride” or “Canon in D” and either of these songs are what you have always dreamed of then by all means use them. Those pieces have been remade in so many different styles ranging from Bluegrass with banjos and fiddles to Celtic with bagpipes and drums. However, if you are looking to go in a totally different direction there are a number of different songs to be chosen from that can meet your needs or even the overall theme of your wedding. Here are some ideas I have suggested to some of my brides.

1. Popular music remade with a classical twist. Modern music has been re-recorded by any number of artists recently. Groups such as Vitamin String Quartet, The Piano Guys and Break of Reality are just a few of the more popular groups that have taken some of today’s most popular music and given it a classical arrangement. You can find samples to listen to on YouTube to get a feel for them. Be aware however that not all music on YouTube is available commercially. Firedog Entertainment is proud to say that our music library is 100% legal and any DJ that will just download music off of YouTube without paying for it legally is one that you do not want taking care of music at your ceremony or reception.

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2. Soundtracks. What was the very first movie you and your fiance saw? Was there a love song in that movie? If the music that you are using has a special place in both of your hearts then that is all the reason you need to walk down the isle to it. I have had weddings use the love themes from many different movies such as St Elmo’s Fire, Romeo and Juliet, The Godfather and yes even Star Wars for the SciFi fanatics. With so many movies made each year the possibilities are endless.

3. Popular Music. You can go with anything from Top 40 to Country. There is no concrete rule that says you must walk down the isle to a certain genre of music. Artists such as Train, Christina Perri, Jack Johnson, Garth Brooks, 98 Degrees, Hunter Hayes, The Beach Boys and even Meatloaf have all been requested in my 20 years of DJ work.

The bottom line is that this is YOUR special day. You and your partner can decide the best way to make it unique and altogether yours. The more information your provide to your DJ about your styles of music, overall theme of the wedding or any other information will allow them to put together a list of ideas to suit your needs. Meeting face to face with your DJ and wedding planner helps pull together the grand scheme for the day and helps keep communication open between everyone. Communication is key!!

Firedog Entertainment prides itself on meeting with each and every client to go over all of these details, providing helpful suggestions and making this most special day in your life that much better. Our company motto is much more than that. It is a promise to all of our clients. “Because YOU’RE that important!”

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Happy Planning!
~ Kristi

Panhandle WV, Shenandoah Valley & Northern VA Wedding & Event Planner/Designer, Kristi Richardson, publishes the Bloomed to Last E-guide, “How to Avoid the 10 Most Common Wedding Design Mistakes That Cost Most Couple Thousands.” filled with exclusive designer secrets, tips and how-to advice for planning your fabulous event. Grab your FREE copy here: http://bit.ly/weddingdesignmistakes . Bloomed To Last is an event planning and design company based in the Panhandle of WV, Shenandoah Valley & Northern region of VA, also serving Frederick MD, Gettysburg PA, the District of Columbia and select destination locations.

photo credit: Music Page ~ hassequartet.com / Bride ~ bloomedtolast.com

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