Wedding Planning Do’s and Don’ts

wedding planning dos and don'tsWedding Planning Dos and Don’ts

Let your guiding principle be this – “As with any wedding, it’s not just about you, it is also about your guests.”

Brides and grooms who keep their guests in mind as they make decisions about their wedding plans, end up with more memorable moments than those who look at guests as people lucky enough to be included in the event.

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With your guests in mind, follow these wedding planning dos and don’ts:

Don’t plan a difficult destination wedding
If you really want to be married on top of a ski slope in the hut where you first met, accept the fact that most folks will not be able or willing to make the trip. If that’s your dream – do it, but plan a major party at another time and place for all of your family and friends to celebrate with you.

Think hard about your need to DIY
Some brides are true seamstresses and will find joy in creating and sewing their own bridal gown, six bridesmaids’ gowns, a flower girl dress and one mother’s gown. Another bride may be capable of individually fashioning 150 handmade invitations, envelopes and enclosures.

If that’s you and you can keep your sanity through it all without driving others crazy in the process, then do it. If you can save money and put your personal stamp on an aspect of the wedding, that’s great.

But if you aren’t, don’t get stuck with a glue gun at 3 AM putting rhinestones on ribbons for the centerpieces. Do only what you can and borrow, rent, or hire someone to do the rest.

Do practice self care
Do whatever helps you unwind and relax. If you dwell on wedding plans to the exclusion of a life, you are doing no one a favor. When you feel the tension building, be aware and stop and take a breath. Remember you have a fiancé and that you are planning a life together. Your relationship doesn’t stop because you are busy planning YOUR wedding.

Do stick to your budget
It may be tempting to fudge here and there but unless you have built in some wiggle room in the wedding finances, don’t go overboard. Remember that you can negotiate with vendors, or hire a wedding planner to be sure you stay within your budget.

Do be grateful for all the good wishes, gifts and offers to help
Say thank you and mean it. You are feeling loved so share it. You’ll feel better and so will the recipient.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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