Your Bridesmaids Don’t Have to Match

The days of 6 young women dressed identically, with matching shoes, matching hairdos, gloves, earrings, and flowers preceding the bride down the aisle are disappearing.

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Today’s bridesmaids have the luxury of picking out their own best look (that looks flattering, AND might actually be worn again) in various lengths, color families, fabrics, and styles.

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It can be very difficult to put everyone in the same color and style, and have everyone involved look and feel good. “Everyone has her own personal style. An eclectic mix looks more special.” (Lauren Conrad of Paper Crown Bridesmaids).

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Here are some elegant options to consider:

  • Pick two or three colors that work well together (ex. peach and taupe, gold and bronze, etc.) and let the bridesmaids pick a dress in the color and style they wish. You can specify length and neckline but the color choice is up to the bridesmaid.
  • Are sparkles your thing? Outfit your maids in gowns with bling – sequins, beads, studs can work as long as the shine in uniform.
  • If you want them to look coordinated but not identical, select several different styles that you like in a color you want, but let them pick the dress they want from your selections.
  • Choose separates. A number of bridesmaid manufacturers have created lines that offer skirts of varying length with 3-6 options for tops. You pick the color and they pick their style combos.
  • Pick a color and let your ladies choose their fabric and style.
  • Don’t forget prints. Once a color group has been chosen, consider putting the bridesmaids in prints and the Maid of Honor in solid color – or reverse it with your Maid of Honor in a print and the bridesmaids in solids.

Be sure to take into consideration the individual tastes and preferences when choosing your attendants’ gowns. Look for a uniting factor – color, length, fabric, or silhouette – for a cohesive look.

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