Bride & Groom Q & A – The End of the Reception

end of reception - question markQ – I don’t know what to do at the end of the reception. What is a good way to “wrap up” the reception without being rude?

A – One of the best ways to “wrap up” the reception is to have it seem like a natural ending. The last thing you want is for the music to suddenly end and all of the lights suddenly turned back on. You want to end on a happy note, not leave your guests feeling like the plug was pulled.

If you have a bar, do a last call. This is a subtle way to let everyone know that things will be beginning to wind down.

Avoid These Top 7 Wedding Music Mishaps for a Rockin’ Reception

You can choose a “last dance” song, then afterwards make your getaway. “Last Dance” by Donna Summer is a popular choice. Other wonderful options are: “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warren, “Grow Old With You” by Adam Sandler, and “How Sweet It Is” by James Taylor. Check out this fabulous list on Wedding Wire.

And remember: If you want your guests to leave, then you have to leave too. If the bride and groom are still there, people will want to stay. Even if there’s no music playing they will stick around to chat. And while everyone’s standing around chatting, they’ll see the wedding coordinator and catering staff starting to clean up (which includes taking linens off, and tearing down tables and chairs).

The memory you want to be left with (for you and your guests) is a fun party that rocked ‘til the end, not dirty linens and napkins being piled up and chairs stacked.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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